Fostering – How Does My Foster Get Adopted?

Foster families have (almost) full authority to approve or deny adoption applications for their fostered pets. However, for your first few adoptions, please connect with a more experienced foster to help handle the paperwork and payment.

We have an online application that can be completed before the potential adopter meets the animal, or they can do it afterwards but under no circumstances may an adopter take possession of an animal prior to completing the application and it being approved. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Fosters may do as much research as they see fit to approve an adopter. We don’t require home visits, but if you want to do one, go for it. We do highly encourage landlord verifications, especially with large breeds, and if the adopter rents, we will usually (politely) deny the adoption of a pitbull, bulldog or other restricted breed. Facebook-stalking is encouraged, and we can ask the local shelter (in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa counties) to do a name and address check for us.

Our application gives us the right to rescind an approval within 3 business days of adoption if we find something out about the adopter that makes us nervous. Thankfully that has only happened once.

We also require the adoption fee to be paid. It can be done online or in cash. We can take credit cards if arrangements are made with someone at SWS who can process the payment.

If your fostered pet is not yet sterilized and/or needs further vaccinations, we have additional paperwork that must be done. We charge a refundable spay/neuter deposit for unsterilized pets.