The Trux Stop

In early 2019, Saving with Soul took a huge leap of faith and leased a building to help us expand our Miracle Making. Because the building is located on Truxton Avenue in Ft. Walton Beach, we have dubbed it The Trux Stop. The building is 500 square feet of office and 1500 square feet of warehouse, on a nice-sized fenced lot.

Currently The Trux Stop serves these purposes:
1. Serves as our office for the public
2. Houses cats and kittens
3. Temporarily houses dogs
4. Stores our yard sale and auction items
5. Other storage

As you can imagine, there are ALWAYS ways to help out at The Trux Stop. Kitten cuddling, poop-scooping, dishwashing, dog-walking, laundry… and the more you go, the more valuable you will be. Volunteer shifts are available during the week between noon and 5pm. Community service hours happily signed off on!