Who’s Who at Saving with Soul and Who to Contact?

Saving with Soul has a strong leadership made up of a President, Director of Feline Operations, Foster/Volunteer Coordinator and a Building Manager. These positions are full-time and are responsible for running the rescue day-to-day.

We also have a Board of Trustees who are responsible for overseeing the Big Picture of the rescue and offering their expertise.

We’ve come a long way since our early days of being just a rag-tag group of shelter volunteers!

Founder/President/Dog Lady: Jennifer Hagedorn 850-356-2647
Director of Feline Operations: Dawn Fallon – 850-582-8446
Building Manager: Dawn Fallon – 850-582-8446
Transport/Foster/Volunteer/Dog Coordinator: Cheryl West – 850-826-2072

• In general, for dog-related issues, contact Jennifer or Cheryl
• For cat-related issues, contact Dawn
• For Beal issues, contact Dawn
• For general questions, post in the private Facebook group