Job Opportunities

Saving with Soul is primarily a volunteer-based organization in that the vast majority of work gets done by Miracle Makers who work for free. However, we do offer opportunities for compensation for the right person and situation.

Here are our requirements to be considered for a compensated position:

  • The position is full-time– at least 30/hours a week, every week, and can’t be reliably filled by volunteers; or
  • The position is less than 30/hours a week, but is considered mission critical and can’t be reliably filled by volunteers;
  • The position “earns its keep” in that having the work done in the position financially justifies the compensation paid;
  • General volunteering, fostering and event attendance don’t count toward the full-time requirement;
  • Applicants must be able to pass a drug test and are subject to random drug-testing;
  • Applicants must have private health insurance;
  • Applicants must have reliable transportation.

SWS pays reasonably well, and there are opportunities for advancement. Even to potentially make a career out of rescue for the right person. We are proud to be among the very few rescues in the area who do offer compensated positions!