We want Saving with Soul to be the rescue where, to borrow from Publix, “Adopting is a Pleasure” and of course, where “Volunteering is a Pleasure.” A big part of that is that we are kind to our adopters and TO EACH OTHER.

Here’s the thing… we are a group of more than 100 (mostly) women doing very emotional work. And you know what? There probably isn’t a group of 100 (mostly) women on the planet who all like each other and get along great all the time. But we can be polite to each other, even if personal differences exist. Or, worst case, keep our distance. The goal is not that everyone loves each other, but that we appreciate everyone’s contributions and strive to make everyone feel welcome (or at least, not UNwelcome).

If anyone makes you feel unwelcome, report them immediately and we’ll give them a good beating :-).

Seriously, rescue is a drama-filled business, but drama doesn’t Make Miracles Happen. When you’re feeling frustrated with someone in the group (and it WILL happen), please take a moment to breathe and to realize that we are all working toward a common goal and the best way to achieve that goal IS to work together.