About Saving With Soul

Saving with Soul is a fast-growing group of devoted animal rescuers based in the Panhandle of Florida. We specialize in finding shelter animals forever homes through an extensive foster program and weekly adoption events. We have been together since 2012 when we came into existence as volunteers focusing exclusive on one shelter, but in 2017 we went out on our own. We pull homeless animals from shelters in Okaloosa, Walton and Santa Rosa Counties; between 10 and 50 animals per week.

Any donations made to our group will be used 100% to help us Make Miracles Happen for homeless pets. So donate with confidence! We are an approved 501c3 non-profit organization so your donations may be tax deductible. To make a donation to our volunteer group, you can do that via Paypal (www.paypal.com – “Send Money”) using email address: donations@savingwithsoul.com. Please specify if you’d like to contribute to the general fund (to help any dog or cat) or toward a specific animal. Thank you!!

If you would like to join us in our Miracle-Making, we’d love to have you. Just ask us for more information on how you CAN make a difference!

rescue big heart

The young pup and the older dog lay on shaded sweet grass watching the reunions. Sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes a whole family would approach the Rainbow Bridge, be greeted by their loving pets and cross the bridge together.

The young pup playfully nipped at the older one. “Look! Something wonderful is happening!”

The older dog stood up and barked, “Quickly. Get over to the path.”

“But that’s not my owner,” whined the pup, but he did as he was told.

Thousands of pets surged forward as a figure in white walked on the path toward the bridge. As the glowing figure passed each animal, that animal bowed its head in love and respect. The figure finally approached the bridge, and was met by a menagerie of joyous animals. Together, they all walked over the bridge and disappeared.

The young pup was still in awe. “Was that an angel?” he whispered.

“No, son,” the older dog replied. “That was a rescuer.”

Pupps & Purrs on the Parkway – Our Miracle-Making Headquarters

In late 2021, Saving with Soul moved from our beloved Trux Stop into a former veterinarian office on Beal Parkway. Our Beal location houses cats and dogs, with a large yard for dog exercise and enrichment.

Currently our building serves these purposes:
1. Serves as our office for the public
2. Houses cats and kittens
3. Temporarily houses dogs
4. Stores our yard sale and auction items
5. Other storage
6. Walk-in adoptions

As you can imagine, there are ALWAYS ways to help out at Beal. Kitten cuddling, poop-scooping, dishwashing, dog-walking, laundry… and the more you go, the more valuable you will be. Volunteer shifts are available during the week between noon and 5pm. Community service hours happily signed off on!

The story in pictures (click any picture to start a slideshow)…

Kind Words From Our Adopters & Fans

Want to add your own kind words? Just go here and go nuts! Thank you!

There is not a more big-hearted Grass Roots rescue in the world than Saving with Soul. Love these folks. John Broussard

We adopted Cali 4 yrs ago best thing ever fell in love with her photo. Wonderful people who really love animals Marion Feldmeir

Everyone involved in this rescue are angels. They helped me rescue a dog and I will be eternally grateful. I know so many people who have adopted pets from this organization. They love every animal they rescue. Compassion is evident in everything they do to save as many as is humanly possible. Cindy Church

Amazing group of people dedicated to animals. Catia Heinz

Great group of people to adopt from. All of the dogs we met were very sweet & fosters available for questions at adoption events. We adopted a puppy & couldn’t be happier with him. Michele Skubis

After looking at all the other rescues here in Northwest, Fla., Saving with Soul Pet Rescue is really the only way to go. The best friends are in the best possible care until they find their forever home. Chris Schmiett

We adopted our baby Storm in August. this group loves these animals and go beyond. will definitely adopt from them again. Christina Kegan

Furrrrrever families connected. ♥️ Such a hard working group that tirelessly puts animals above their own needs. Always there for support, encouragement, training advise, and all encompassing fur baby love. Opening up their homes to save and love each one until their forever homes find them. Share, love, and support this rescue -True miracle makers. Ally McKenzie

Wonderful pet rescue! They and the foster parents take wonderful care of all these beautiful cats and dogs! They put their heart and soul into they care they give! We were blessed with two wonderful dogs Jimmy and Smokey at their Crestview event and our daughter adopted Snow!! Please help support their cause and all the tireless work they do! Robert Zaleske

The work they do is amazing! rescuing shelter dogs so they get a second chance, saving those that are about to be put down, because of over crowding.. to me every person involved is a angel!  Every person has a part that in the end, saves a life.. Love the work y’all do.. it has made a huge impact on me.. and I believe I can help spread the word about adopting over backyard or pet store puppies.. EVERY LIFE MATTERS! Crystal Watkins

Saving with Soul has saved hundreds of dogs. I am amazed at the hard work of this group. I first found out about them when I first started volunteering at PAWS. A group of ladies would come in and temperament test dogs and take some to be part of their program. This freed up space and not only saved the lives of the dogs they brought with them but freed up room so others could live. They choose dogs based on their personality and even ones that needed medical help. They gave them the surgeries needed so they could find their forever home. All their dogs are in foster homes so they really get to know the dog’s personality. Marianne Helmich

This rescue and all its volunteers truly care about each and every animal that comes through the foster program. They take care of the animals until they find their forever homes. The director and vice president are very professional and I’m so glad to have met them and all the other volunteers and families. Let them find your next fur family member. Belinda Webber

We have adopted Jax and just recently belle from this beautiful rescue. They are the most kind and loving rescue. I recommend them to everyone looking to adopt. 5 stars from me and my family. I wish there was a 10 star button. Tanya Manning

So proud of them their caring and LOVE of giving furbabies forever homes. Continue on . Know you are a BLESSED GROUP. Vicki McKinney

I am sooooo thankful for Saving with Soul Pet Rescue! Diane is such an angel and has helped me so much. She has been so kind in fostering a cat, Andre, that I rescued and surrendered at PAWS animal shelter. I was so nervous about leaving him in the shelter, and Diane was both kind enough to hear my concerns AND offer to foster him. Now I have the reassurance of knowing that he is being loved and taken care of. I know he will be placed in a good home that will love him, and that is exactly what he deserves! Thank you a million times! Devi Suzie

I have gotten 2 pups from Jennifer and both are awesome. If you are looking, look here first. Hal George

How much the fosters love and care for the babies and the volunteers let you know about each one. I very much liked how honest they are about each adoptee, no hidden issues. We have adopted 2 and they are our babies! we Love them so much and it’s All because of Saving with Soul and their efforts. John Tillman

Not just anyone can rescue, it takes love, commitment, love, patience, more love, time, did I say love? And so much more. Thank you to Jennifer for all of that and thank you Anndrea for being THAT woman that has all that and more to give. Most of all, Mama thanks you. (She told me). Love my girl and new best friend. Renee Lawton

They fight tirelessly for the animals of our community. They rescue animals that would not stand a chance otherwise. They truly care for the animals they save. I highly recommend them to all of my family and friends, and people in our community. Please help them save a life or 2 or 200…every dog or cat deserves a chance. Carla Hunt

This awesome group of animal loving volunteers saves countless lives and finds them the PERFECT home and family! Not every dog or cat is suited for every home. They spend time to match the right family and pet. Love them! Saundra Ingram

The staff is so amazing and helpful. Bama’s foster mom took the time to meet with me and talk about everything with the dog. She knew I was hesitant with pit bulls, but she was so knowledgeable. It also helped that everyone of the staff members had nothing but praises for the dog. Without the patience and willingness to answer 1,000 questions, I almost overlooked the best dog that I have absolutely fallen in love with!! Would definitely recommend adopting from this organization!! Brit Miller

This rescue is amazing! The people that run it truly care about the animals they are taking care of and rehoming. They keep the best interest of the animals at heart and have helped so many little babies find their fur-ever homes Couldn’t recommend them more! I would give 20k stars if I could! Hallah Smith

Saving with Soul is the best. The people genuinely care about animals without a doubt. They rescue over a thousand a year from kill shelters, treat the wounded and the sick. This foster home based rescue is the greatest with amazing animals alive today just because of them. I highly recommend adopting your next furr friend from here. If you can’t adopt , foster, donate, what ever you can do. Pattie Goodfleisch

Amazing pet rescue! We got a kitten from them and it was so easy! They are wonderful and truly love animals. Karah Chambliss

Great organization that helped me find my pet. They work tirelessly rescuing animals and taking care of them. The adoption process was smooth, and everything was taken care of upfront. I can’t say enough good things about them. Samantha West

Excellent organization and even more wonderful people that do great work! We could not be happier with our experience; these people TRULY care for these animals and have the biggest hearts. I am so thankful we ended up adopting through Saving with Soul. Haley Haag

We adopted little miss Penny and she is the absolute love of our lives!! She is the sweetest and smartest pup! Saving with Soul made it so easy to inquire about her, meet her, ask TONS of questions, and eventually adopt her! The foster mom, Crystal, was beyond amazing with her and provided her with such a good foundation of training and even potty training! Jenna Blommel

Love the attention and affection they give to all their animals. They are giving these abandoned babies a chance to live. The fosters are amazing compassionate people and they are looking for more fosters to help out. the amount of care and support they give in amazing… I recommend this rescue to anyone looking to foster or adopt!!!!!! Belinda is a wonderful lady!!! I can’t even say enough about her. They are all so knowledgeable. Kami Lincoln

I’d been following this group online and through Facebook for months while searching for a new pup member of our family. I had the pleasure to speak with Jennifer via telephone during this process, and was immediately struck by her passion for rescue, her down to earth attitude, and her deep dedication to these animals. I attended an adoption event in April, and promptly returned home with a new four-legged who has been an absolute joy! I’ve since volunteered at an adoption event, and I plan to volunteer again – Saving with Soul is a 5 star, excellent organization!!! Connie Regan

Animals always seem so happy and well cared for at adoption events and at the Trux stop. Volunteers are very knowledgeable about their fosters.
I have a friends I sent to the Trux stop that got a kitten from. They were so kind to her, letting her know everything she would need & allowing her to leave the kitten while she went and got what she needed so She would be all set up at home to enjoy without having to worry about getting things and leaving her alone. Karen Powers

My wife and I recently adopted Haney, we changed his name to Thor. He is one of the most loveable dogs I have ever met. We adopted him last weekend and he fits into the family perfectly. The people at Saving with Soul are so friendly and really do an amazing job! Josh Wilson

I’m a two-time adopter from Saving with Soul. Both times excellent in every way. A++++ rescue!!!! Vicki ODell

They are amazing people that put so much work and energy into making sure these animals find great homes. Grace Travis

Awesome group of fosters. Willing to truthfully answer questions about the critters like their behaviors (good/bad) and what kind of training to work on so that an adopter gets the best fit for the family. Oreo (was Confetti) wasn’t actually the dog I went to the adoption event to see but her personality was a perfect fit for the dog I already have at home. Thank you Saving With Soul Pet Rescue. Phyllis Schudde

The very best rescue in the Panhandle. They do everything through an in-home foster program, so they actually know how the dogs/cats behave in a home and not in a high stress shelter environment. They will truly find you the best fit for your family, no matter what you’re looking for. Michaela Hunter

I would highly recommend them to anyone. Sheila met with us and answered any and all questions we had and we came home with the perfect new addition to our home. Charlie Champion

Jennifer and her organization is the best thing that has ever happened to lost, stray, and or abandoned animals in this part of the world. Her dedication alone has saved untold hundreds, if not thousands of lives. She has not only given these unwanted “throwaways” a chance at having a better life full of love and care, but also given a lot of happy pet owners an opportunity to share in the saving of some of God’s most faithful creatures ever created. Jen and her volunteers have a special place in the heart of God. Kenneth Boller

In late February I had the pleasure of meeting with Saving with Soul to adopt a beautiful kitten named Simba. I did some research to see what kind of a rescue they were and saw that they did a lot of community work and worked diligently to find the perfect homes for their rescues. After meeting with a few members of their team and seeing how much they loved and cared for each one of the rescues I was in love with everything they did for animals in their community and how they made sure to set their fur babies up for success in their new homes. I am completely in love with the new addition of Simba to my home, and even though the rescue is a five hour drive from where I live I wouldn’t hesitate to adopt from them again. They made the experience so easy and pleasant, and I knew when I left with my new fur baby that I didn’t have to worry about anything from current vaccines to neutering to even being given some litter! Such a great rescue to work with, hands down! Gabri Rouse

The staff really cares about the pets. They are so organized. Christie, our dogs foster Mom kept us updated regularly while we waiting to adopt him. My daughter and I even volunteered at an event and had a great time. They are so energetic and passionate about finding good homes for these fur babies. We are loving the new addition to our crazy family. Thank you Saving with Soul! Bethany Nickel

Amazing group of people that are dedicated to saving animals. They take in young, old, sick, and healthy and make sure that every animal is fixed up, cared for, and given new homes 🙂 Please consider adopting from them because you definitely won’t regret it! Amarie Gull

Absolutely love this rescue, we adopted our newest baby from them & everything went so smoothly. Even after we adopted her, we still had to work with them to get her spayed & I have absolutely no complaints!! HIGHLY recommend this rescue Skylar Comer

I had a wonderful experience with Saving with Soul. Jennifer was patient in answering all my questions and accommodating in every way. Our girl Bertha is healthy, happy, and well-behaved. Can’t recommend them enough. Mai Morris

The best rescue around the area!! Adoption process is easy and the dog was super healthy!! He has brought our family so much happiness!! Thank you for all the efforts from the members who make this rescue possible!! Courtney Calderwood

They are great. This is my first rescue dog and she is amazing! Also, the organization is well run and professional. I messaged them and met my dog the next day! She is neutered with shots up to date and even has a microchip. Honestly, if you want to adopt a rescue I would unequivocally use this organization. They work in a timely manner and have a great selection of dogs. The foster owner I got my dog from was even sweet enough to allow me to keep Sophine’s collar because I left the one I bought at home. Great people and great dogs! Jordan Jay

This is an amazing rescue group that I highly recommend for many reasons. They take animals from often overwhelmed local animal shelters and put them in foster homes, where they gain knowledge about whether they have health issues and/or get along with children, dogs, and cats. They are completely honest about any issues the potential future pet may have. I adopted my dog Wynona from them in December and was incredibly impressed by their dedication and honesty. They knew specific details about her that made it easier for her to transition into our household. Just look at all the happy people and pets in the adoption pictures every week — it is obvious that what they do makes people and their fur babies very happy. They truly perform a valuable service for the community. Tina Winston

Have been looking for a new fur baby for about a year. Couldn’t seem to find the right one. We found our new forever fur baby today! The adoption process was easy and we were given a full health run down on our pet. The team was awesome and very helpful. We are very happy with our experience and Jack fits like the missing piece to our family! Miranda Henderson

We had been searching for the perfect dog/puppy for our family and because Jessica Scott opens up to foster and rescue and most importantly, listened to what we were looking for, We found our amazing puppy, Commander! I couldn’t foster and rescue because I’d never let any of the babies go lol! What you guys do is so amazing and selfless! The countless hours and tears and time and energy and sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed and is so greatly appreciated! Ember Knoblauch