Puppy Adoption Addendum

I understand that the puppy may not be fully vaccinated due to his/her age, and that further vaccinations are my responsibility unless I coordinate with SWS and use one of their partner veterinarians. The rabies vaccination is due at 4 months of age.

I understand that my puppy may not be fully protected against transmittable disease (e.g. parvo) and that I must not expose my puppy to places where diseases are likely to be present until after his/her third booster vaccination (e.g. dog parks, pet stores).

I understand that my puppy has been fostered in a home with other animals who may have come from a shelter environment, and that my puppy may have been exposed to kennel cough.

I understand that if my puppy was recently sterilized, there is a waiting period before he/she can be bathed (10 days from surgery).

I understand that puppies have worms and that an additional course of worming might be required. The cost is my responsibility.

I understand that puppies need guidance and training to become well-socialized and well-behaved adults. The majority of dogs in kill shelters are “teenagers” who were adopted as puppies and then surrendered at 6-8 months old due to behavior issues. If I am not willing to seek guidance and training, and to be patient with my teenage dog, I should not adopt a puppy.


By submitting this addendum I am in complete agreement with the above understandings.

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