Adoption Sterilization Agreement - Dogs

Sterilization of the Adopted Dog is not optional

Adopter agrees to cooperate with Saving with Soul Pet Rescue, Inc. (SWS) to have Adopted Dog sterilized (aka spayed or neutered) in agreement with one of the following conditions:

If Adopter elects option #2 or #3 a deposit of $100 will be required, refundable once the Adopted Dog has been sterilized and documentation provided.

$100 Deposit Required

Pay your deposit fee here: Adoption Fee Payment. Select Spay/Neuter Deposit.


We do hereby agree that we will utilize one of the above methods to guarantee our Adopted Dog will be sterilized.  If we do not comply with the terms of this agreement, SWS has the right to reclaim the Adopted Dog and no refund will be provided.

If we use the services of the veterinarian chosen by SWS, we agree to hereby release SWS, the spay/neuter clinic, all veterinarians, assistants, volunteers, directors, and employees from any and all claims arising out of, or connected with, the performance of this procedure or any adverse reactions from vaccinations. We agree to indemnify and hold SWS harmless for any damages or loss occurring during the transportation and/or boarding of the animal, or for any damages caused by any unforeseeable events including fire, vandalism, burglary, extreme weather, natural disasters, or acts of God.

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