Host a Puppy Petting Pawty!

What is a Puppy Petting Pawty?

Imagine stepping into a playpen with all the fluffy, playful happy puppies you can dream of, and that’s what a Puppy Petting Pawty is! We bring the pens, the toys and of course the puppies to love on and play with during your event, and then we clean it all up when we leave! Easy peezy.

Who Can Host a Puppy Petting Pawty? And Why Would You?
Just about anyone in our local area (in or around Okaloosa County, FL in the NW Florida Panhandle) can host a Puppy Petting Pawty, as long as you have a space for us to set up in! PPP’s are perfect for all kinds of events, from birthday parties to employee appreciation days to corporate events, festivals and our favorite, special events open to the public, hosted by businesses. Our Puppy Petting Pawty Partner venues LOVE hosting the events because they bring in new customers who have a great time while at their venue… so they’re likely to return!

How Does a Puppy Petting Pawty Raise Funds for the Rescue?
Our Puppy Petting Pawties are done primarily to raise money for the rescue. How this is accomplished depends on the type of event. For instance, at birthday parties and private events we charge a fee and/or ask for opportunities to respectfully solicit donations. At our public events (e.g. at a restaurant or other place of business), we sell tickets to step into the playpen, along with food and drink either donated by the venue or sponsored by another business. For example, our 2022 Father’s Day event was hosted by Destin restaurant 790, where we sold tickets to our puppy playpen, and every ticket came with unlimited pints of beer (a sponsored keg) for Dad (and root beer floats for kids).

How Much Does a Puppy Petting Pawty Cost?

Prices for a Puppy Petting Pawty start at $350 for an in-home Pawty. Corporate events start at $500 + the opportunity to respectfully accept donations. Venue event pricing/sponsorship will be determined at the time of reservation.

What Are the Funds Used For?
All funds raised during our Puppy Petting Pawties are used for operational expenses of our rescue, including medical care, spay/neuter clinics, food, housing, transport costs, and long term care for many of our Special Souls. All donations are tax deductible!

“Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. The party was definitely a hit and everything we hope it would be. Appreciate all that you did to give my girl a lifelong memory.” Kelly M – party for an 11 year old birthday

So, are you ready to host a Puppy Petting Pawty?
Let’s get planning!

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