Cat/Kitten Adoption Addendum

I understand that my cat/kitten is from a shelter environment and/or housed with cats from shelters and much of his/her prior medical information is unknown.

I understand that my cat/kitten could have been exposed to illnesses due to being in a shelter environment. Illnesses may include, but are not limited to, Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), Ringworm, Corona Virus, Feline Panleukopenia.

I understand that stress can cause or worsen illnesses in cats / kittens that may not be present at the time of adoption.

I understand that Saving with Soul representatives do their best to disclose all known health and personality information at the time of adoption.

If adopting a kitten under 6 months: I understand that my kitten was previously tested or will be tested at spay/neuter for FELV/FIV but will need to be retested after the age of 6 months as advised by veterinarians.


By submitting this addendum I am in complete agreement with the above understandings.

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