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You must be at least 18 years old to adopt a pet from Saving with Soul. We reserve the right to deny adoption to any person based on the answers given in this application. NOTE: Adoption fees are not refundable.

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If your situation changes and you are no longer able to keep your adopted pet, what will you do to avoid taking the pet to a shelter? NOTE: owner surrendered pets are often the first to be euthanized at overcrowded shelters.
As part of the approval process, SWS may check with local Animal Services to see if there is any negative information on file under your name and/or address. Is there anything on record for you that might be considered “negative?”

Dog Adoption Questions

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If you do not have a fenced in yard, how will you exercise your new dog and ensure its safety while outside?
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_X_ I understand that the adoption fee is non-refundable.

_X_ I agree to routine veterinary care for my pet, including monthly heartworm preventive for dogs

_X_ I agree I will not keep my dog chained in the yard;

_X_ I agree I will not transport my pet in the back of a pick-up truck unrestrained;

_X_ I agree that if my dog is kept outside, he/she will have proper outdoor shelter;

_X_ I agree to always provide fresh water and food to my pet;

_X_ I agree that I will give my new pet time to adjust to his or her new home and be understanding of accidents or other “misbehavior.”

_X_ I agree that my pet will not be used in dog fighting or any other illegal activities

_X_ I agree that if my pet is microchipped, I will complete the registration of the chip when notified to do so;

_X_ I agree to always keep a collar and name tag with my contact information on my pet;

_X_ I agree to respond to inquiries from Saving with Soul as to the well-being of my pet;

_X_ I agree that if this pet is not yet sterilized, I will cooperate with Saving with Soul to get him/her to one of SWS’s approved veterinarians for sterilization as soon as reasonably possible. NOTE Sterilization is included in your adoption fee; however some pets are not ready at the time of adoption;

_X_ I agree that if I cannot keep my pet, I will NOT rehome or surrender him or her to a “kill” shelter or give him or her away for free before contacting Saving with Soul to discuss the situation with them.

_X_ I agree that any veterinary bills incurred after adoption are my responsibility.

_X_ I understand that my adopted dog may have been exposed to kennel cough and I accept responsibility should symptoms occur.

_X_ I hereby agree to waive all rights of Subrogation and waive all rights of defense against Saving with Soul Pet Rescue, Inc.

_X_ I agree that if it is discovered that I am mistreating or neglecting my pet, or otherwise violating any of these provisions, Saving with Soul has the right to reclaim the pet.

If you selected “No, I do not agree” your application cannot be submitted

If you are concerned there might be something we discover during our research that you would like to explain, please do so below. And please understand we put this provision in place to protect our animals, not to deny an adoption unreasonably. Talk to us!


Any adoption approval granted is considered “conditional” until three business days following the approval. During this period, Saving with Soul may verify any and all information provided in this application, including, but not limited to a review of the Animal Services records for your name and/or address, calls to references and veterinarians, landlord verification, criminal records and online profiles.

If any information is obtained that Saving with Soul considers adverse, we reserve the right to withdraw the adoption approval and you agree to return the pet immediately, along with his or her medical paperwork. In this case, your adoption fee will be refunded.

By submitting this application you certify that all your information and answers are true and correct and constitutes your agreement to the above.

For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 50