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Fostering a shelter animal means that you take a dog or cat into your home and let it live there with you until a permanent home is found. By fostering a shelter dog or cat, you actually save two lives… the animal you get out of the shelter AND the animal who is still there, but now has more time (due to the kennel you freed up) to find his or her own forever family.

Obviously, foster families love animals and have a desire to help save them from euthanasia. And that’s great! But that passion alone may not be enough to ensure that fostering is right for you, right now.

Let’s find out if it is…

Is Fostering with Saving with Soul Right for You… Right Now?

  • Do you have reliable transportation?
  • Are you able to commit to attending at least two Saturday adoption events per month  (No? You can still foster – ask!)
  • Do all members of your household support your desire to foster?
  • If you rent your home, does your lease allow you to foster animals?
  • Are you able to provide basic requirements for a fostered pet? (e.g. food, food bowls, a leash, etc.)
  • Would your fostered pet be left alone for more than 8 hours a day?
  • Are you on Facebook and willing to join and participate in a private SWS discussion group?

We may be biased but we believe Saving with Soul is among the best rescues to foster for in the Florida Panhandle. Not only do we hold weekly adoption events 52 weeks a year, but we also have an extremely supportive group of more than 40 volunteers with strong leadership. If we determine together that fostering with us is a good fit for you, we will do our best to ensure that you have a great experience… and that you tell all your friends about us!

What Is Expected of Me as a SWS Foster Family?

  • Be responsive to inquiries from potential adopters
  • Be reasonably available to arrange meet & greets with potential adopters
  • Commit to attending at least two adoption events per month (Can’t do it? Talk to us!)
  • Be understanding of your foster pet’s mistakes as they adjust to your home
  • Be honest in the promotion of your foster pet
  • Be polite and courteous to potential adopters and to other members of the rescue group
  • Be willing to pitch in and help other foster families when possible

As your foster pet’s caretaker you have significant input on who is (or is not) approved for adoption. If you feel that an adopter isn’t appropriate, you have full veto power. We trust our foster families to want only the best for the pets in their care.

Saving with Soul Adoption Events

Saving with Soul is committed to holding adoption events every week… yes, 52 weeks a year. Our adoption events are by far our best source of adoptions, not to mention a great time to hang out with a wonderful group of people.

If you do participate in an adoption event, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The events begin around 9am and run into the mid-to-late afternoon.  If your foster is adopted, you may leave the event, although we’ll encourage you to stay and help the others.
  • While at the event, please represent Saving with Soul in a positive manner. Be nice, be polite and keep the four-letter words to a minimum.
  • If your foster is creating problems at the event (e.g. being overly aggressive through the kennel), we may ask you to take your foster home. Not all animals are good candidates for an event as stressful as these events can be and it’s hard to know how your foster will react until the event itself. Please don’t be offended by this – it’s happened to all of us.
  • Please ensure your foster is clean and flea-free prior to an event.
  • You must bring a leash and collar to the event (but you do not have to let the adopter have them).

Costs of Fostering
Being a foster family is not free – there will be costs involved, although we will strive to keep those to a minimum. We can provide most items you will need, including food, flea prevention and linens. You can borrow a crate from us with a small deposit.

We highly encourage you to crate your foster animal when you are not at home, or otherwise can’t supervise him, to protect the foster, your pets and children and your property. If you do not have a crate, we may be able to loan you one, but may require a refundable deposit.

If a foster animal is left outside while home alone they must have shelter, food, water and be in a secure fenced yard. Tie outs and chains are not allowed!

In the event an animal becomes ill, contact Saving with Soul immediately.

In the event of a bite or other aggression, contact Saving with Soul immediately.

In the event you are unable to continue to care for your foster, contact Saving with Soul immediately.

If your foster animal gets away from you and runs off, contact Saving with Soul immediately.

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