Saving with Soul loves special needs dogs and cats. When we do shelter runs, we are drawn immediately to the pets with mange, heartworms, broken limbs and other obvious medical issues. We know that these pets are unlikely to make it out of the shelter if we don’t take them in.

We also absolutely adore the seniors (who often come with any or all the above).

Every year we rescue more than 200 special needs dogs and cats. The special needs include the issues mentioned above plus congestive heart failure, severe dental disease, hydrocephalus, cancerous masses, glaucoma, dislocated limbs and parvo. We also rescue a lot of seniors who have ongoing needs (e.g. monthly medication, special food) and are less likely to be adopted quickly (although most eventually are).

Interestingly, we have very little trouble raising money to treat young animals with dramatic medical issues (e.g. broken limbs); it’s the older ones who don’t seem to inspire the public to as enthusiastically respond to our pleas for help.

So, in 2019, we created our Special Souls to Save fund especially for these situations.

If special needs dogs and cats have a special place in your heart, please consider donating to our Special Souls to Save fund.