Saving with Soul’s goal is to place homeless cats and dogs into loving homes where they will receive the care and attention they deserve after whatever misfortunes caused them to be homeless in the first place. We promise our pets a “Happy Life Part Two” and do everything we can make that happen.

Our adoption process closely follows ASPCA guidelines in that we keep it reasonably simple. We do not require extensive verifications or that you sign your first-born over to us. We will ask you to complete our application which asks several questions about your household, your current and past pets and who your veterinarian is. If you are a renter*, we will ask for your landlord information.  You will sign an agreement where you agree to take good care of your new pet and to return her to us if you find you can no longer keep her.

While we reserve the right to deny an adoption application for any reason, you will find that we are easy to work with, and as long as you are pleasant and respectful with us, we will be pleasant and respectful with you, even if, for whatever reason, we do deny your application.

We require that you meet your potential new family member before being approved to adopt. We do not do long-distance adoptions or sight-unseen adoptions. This doesn’t mean an adopter can’t live elsewhere, just that we will not “ship” a dog or cat away from the area without a meeting first.

If you would like to take a look at our adoption application, go here for dog adoption or cat adoption . Just know that the submission of an application does not guarantee you the pet and we do not operate on a first-come/first-adopted-to basis. Remember, you MUST meet the animal before your application will be fully approved.

A Home Visit?

Many rescues require a home visit for all adoptions. We do not as a general policy, however our foster families have significant influence over who is approved to adopt their foster animals. If they want to require a home visit, they can require a home visit. Please don’t be put off by this – a home visit isn’t done to pass judgment on your income or housekeeping. It is done solely for the purpose of ensuring that the animals in our care are going to an appropriate home for their personal situation.

Do You Have Other Pets? 

While it is not a requirement of adoption, we do encourage adopters to arrange to introduce their pets to the potential new family member in a neutral location.

*Do You Rent?

If you are a renter we must speak with your landlord prior to approving an adoption. If you are wanting to adopt a so-called “aggressive breed” that may be subject insurance restrictions, we will likely not approve the adoption. That doesn’t mean that you can’t adopt from Saving with Soul, but we have not had good luck in the past adopting pit bulls, bulldogs, German Shepherds and other breeds deemed high risk to people who rent. It’s not the adopters who are the problem – it’s the difficulty in finding properties to rent that will allow them! Please don’t take it personally.

Once your adoption application has been approved, payment is due immediately. No animal will be turned over to an adopter without payment. Generally, adoption fees are non-refundable, except in cases of aggression or illness shortly after adoption.

And then… you take your new family member home and love them forever and ever!