The Saving with Soul SponsorSNip Program

Everyone knows that dogs and cats need to be fixed, right? Especially here in the south, there’s just no (valid) excuse for letting pets retain their fertility, although we’ve probably heard them all.

“But, but, but… I want my children to experience the Miracle of Life!”

“But, but, but… my dog/cat has the best personality ever!”

“But, but, but… I promise I’ll find great homes for every single puppy/kitten!”

Ugh. Stop. Just… stop.

Topic for a different day. Today’s topic is how you can help us get these dogs and cats FIXED!

In our area, there are far too many dogs and cats who still have their reproductive organs intact. That’s a polite way to say that the boys still have their testicles and the girls still have their uteruses (uteri?). And these “intact” dogs and cats are out there, doing what they do best – making more little dogs and cats, many of whom are unwanted and will end up in our overcrowded county shelters – or worse.

Our Solution

Since 2017, Saving with Soul Pet Rescue has been doing 3 transports/month to high volume onth to spay/neuter clinics in Panama City, FL and Dothan, AL.

In 2024, SWS will be opening the only low-cost/high-volume spay/neuter clinic in Okaloosa County, with the goal of affordably sterilizing hundreds (yes, hundreds) of dogs and cats every month.

Would you like to help? Would you like to be a part of… to put it bluntly… stopping the madness of pet overpopulation (and subsequent euthanasia of unwanted dogs and cats)?

Absolutely! Tell me how!

Happy to! Saving with Soul has implemented our “SponsorSNip” program where you can sponsor the snipping of one of a local dog or cat. You just make a tax-deductible donation and we take care of the rest.

How Much?

As little as $60! YES – you can save hundreds if not thousands of unwanted generations of dogs or cats with a donation of just $60!

If you would like to Sponsor a SNip of a local dog or cat, you can do that right here (below). You can sponsor one pet, or two, or three or even a whole day of surgeries.

Thank you for joining us on our quest to Save Them All…


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