Hosting a Saving with Soul Pet Adoption Event

Have you ever been to one of our weekly pet adoption events? They are quite a production! We typically bring at least 30 dogs and 20 cats, along with more than 25 human volunteers and fosters. We put out 30+ event signs along the road and almost always attract a big crowd. We hold events every single weekend and are booked out several months in advance. We shoot for at least 15 adoptions per event, but often exceed that number.

Are you interested in hosting a Saving with Soul Pet Adoption Event? GREAT!

Here are some things to consider:

  • With more than 50 animals at most events, we need a lot of room. Not to mention parking for our trailer, volunteers and of course, visitors.
  • We need good exposure on a main road. Off-the-beaten path venues just don’t work, unfortunately.
  • For warm weather events, we need shade and access to electric outlets (to run our fans).
  • Access to water is critical, of course.
  • We request that our adoption venues work with us to encourage donations before or during the event. Let’s talk!

Are you looking for a smaller, more intimate or specialized event?

We’d love to talk with you about it.

Host an Adoption Event

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