26000861_1789111367825817_4533406557851343239_n26176042_1788064824597138_1660014965_nJust after Christmas in 2017, Saving with Soul rescued a sweet pit bull with a terrible case of mange from a local shelter. This boy had two big strikes against him – first, he was in a shelter that does not allow bully breeds to be adopted and second, his mange made him less appealing to rescues. But one of our fosters saw through the mange and insisted we save him… so we did.

We named him Miracle. And when we posted pictures of our sweet boy, donations came pouring in to help us with his care.

Sadly, Miracle passed away overnight on New Year’s Eve. We don’t know what happened; he just did not wake up in the morning. It broke our hearts but we were comforted to know that he did not die in a shelter. And thanks to the Miracle Fund, he did not die in vain.

With the money that was donated toward Miracle’s care, Saving with Soul established The Miracle Fund, created specifically to help dogs with special medical needs, especially skin issues like mange.

So, even though Miracle’s life was cut short, his legacy lives on in The Miracle Fund!